The Northern Peru Birding Route

Well-known in the birding world, the Northern Peru Birding Route provides an outstanding number of endemic species and overall diversity, not to mention spectacular landscapes from the coast, across the Andes and Maráñón valley and down into the Amazon basin. A rough tally for the eight political regions of the north gives some 1,600 bird species, of which 150 can be considered as range-restricted (or endemic), with 63 endemic to Peru.

The backbone of the Northern Peru Birding Route is the journey from the coast, around Chiclayo city, to the tropical lowland forests around Tarapoto city (or vice versa). The second route is fom the crossroads town of Pedro Ruiz up the picturesque Utcubamba valley, through Leymebamba, a stunning crossing of the Marañon valley and on to Cajamarca. These are the two main routes in northern Peru. A third route, known as a ´Tumbes extension´ includes the tropical Pacific forests of Tumbes, mangroves, a pelagic trip and dry forests en route to Piura or Chiclayo.

The forth area of interest is around Iquitos, where our partner lodge is perfectly located near the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

These are the main routes and areas covered by the members of CONAVE. However the north has many sites of interest for independent travelers or short visits and we recommend you explore our interactive map to learn more and our experts can help you design your own tour.

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The Main Routes

Chiclayo to Tarapoto

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Pedro Ruíz to Cajamarca

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Tumbes route

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